How to add Kount to your web site

Follow the below instructions one you have received confirmation that your Kount Merchant ID has been set up by Ticket Evolution.  If you have not yet requested to be set up in Kount, you may do so here:

Once your Kount setup has been completed between Ticket Evolution and Kount, you will receive your Merchant ID (MID) from Ticket Evolution.

IFRAME Setup (This is for the Kount Data Collector)

The iframe should be placed on the order form page where the payment method or credit card information is requested, usually near the bottom of the page. 

The Data Collector gathers information from a customer’s device by redirecting the device browser momentarily to Kount then back to the merchant. This passive analysis obfuscates Kount’s interaction with the customer and does not affect the customer’s purchasing experience. 

Next, you will need to add a small 1x1 IFRAME that goes to a route on their own system:
<iframe frameborder='0height='1scrolling='nosrc='/info/capture' width='1'></iframe>
replace "/info/capture" with a route of your choosing which will redirect to the kaptcha url as per below.  We recommend the route not state what it is actually doing so to be more discreet.
That route should then redirect the user to the following URL:
Where SESSIONID can be anything the developer wants to use, as long as it is unique per session, 32 characters or less and exactly matches the ID posted with the order.

Session ID - When the form page is accessed, a session identifier must be created and stored to be used as the session identifier in the subsequent RIS post from the merchant to Kount. This identifier must be unique for at least 30 days and must be unique for every transaction submitted by each unique customer. If a single session ID were to be used on multiple transactions, those transactions would link together and erroneously affect the persona information and Kount score. 

Where MID is the broker/partner Kount MID.  
The MID is not needed in the order post as we automatically pass that when you create an order in the Ticket Evolution API.
After the info is captured, it will redirect the IFRAME back to a logo on the Ticket Evolution system. (User will never see logo since the IFRAME is 1x1)
Order Post Parameters
When the order is posted to the Ticket Evolution API, the following Kount information fields should be passed:
session_id=<same session sent with kaptcha URL>
user_agent=<browser user info>
created_by_ip_address=<users ip address>
Native Mobile App
If you are looking to install Kount in a native mobile app, please use the following article to receive access to the relevant Kount SDK:
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