Upgrade to Auto-Uploader Version 4.8


  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 & Server 2008
  • Completely rebuilt from the ground up in .net 4.5
  • Can watch files over a network drive (path must be include server name and cannot be a mapped network drive IE //server/inventory-export/mytickets.txt)

1) Uninstall previous Version of the Ticket Evolution Auto-Uploader if you have it installed

Don't worry, you wont lose your current upload credentials for each exchange

  • Simply select "Control Panel" from your windows start menu.
    • Windows 7 (Select "Programs")
    • Windows Vista (Select "Programs and Features")
    • Windows XP Home/Pro ("Select "Add or Remove programs")
    • Windows Server 2003 ("Select "Add or Remove programs")
    • Windows Server 2008 ("Select "Programs and Features")
  • Select Ticket Evolution Auto-Uploader and click "uninstall" or "remove"
  • Follow the on screen instructions to remove it and force close the application and service if prompted.

2) Download and extract the windows installer on the computer you would like to install the Auto-Uploader

  • Double Click the "setup.exe" file and follow the steps to complete the installation.
    If you do not have the .net 4.5 framework installed on your computer, you will be prompted to install it
  • If you see the following permission request, simply click "Yes".

    User Account Control Permissions
  • Once the installation is complete you can simply click "Close" to dismiss the installer.

3) Add your Ticket Evolution Auto-Upload Token to the Auto-Uploader to pull down your configuration

  • After the install completes, click on the Ticket Evolution icon that is now in your system tray and select "Open Auto-Uploader"
  • Select "Edit" from the menu bar and click "Manage Token"
  • Paste in your Auto-Upload Token and click "Update". (to get your Auto-Uploader Token log into and select Brokerages -> Offices and you will see your token for the office you are installing)
  • Your configuration will be pulled down and you will now see all of the files you previously had configured the Auto-Uploader to watch.
Very Important
After some upgrades, your file path may have been truncated to just the file name as opposed to the full file path (IE "C:\ticket_export\mytickets.txt")36_PM-2.png
If you only see the file name after the upgrade, you need to right click on each file and select "Change File Location" and browse to each relevant file and select them again.  After performing this action for each file, you should see the full file path and are all set.

4) Make sure everything is working as expected

  • To confirm that everything is working as expected, you should modify a ticket group price in your point of sale and perform an inventory export.  You should see the "Last Uploaded" time update within a minute and you should always check your full upload history in Broker Exchange (
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