Set up your Braintree Payment Gateway

Set up Braintree with your current Payment Processor

The Ticket Evolution suite of products is fully integrated with the most powerful and simplest gateway available, Braintree.

Setting up your Braintree Payment Gateway with your current payment processor is simple.

Sign up under the Ticket Evolution Gateway Account

There is no cost for using the Braintree Payment Gateway under Ticket Evolution

  • Comprehensive transaction and settlement reporting
  • Manually create and manage transactions in your web portal
  • PCI Compliance
  • Credit Card Data Portability
  • No long term commitment
To get setup, sign the Braintree Terms of Service and send it to along with your VAR sheet from your payment processor.

Braintree Terms of Service (ignore the signature line "Multi Merchant gateway owner")

Braintree PCI Compliance

Braintree VAR Sheet Form (send this form to your processor)

Braintree sample VAR Sheet


Configure Ticket Evolution with your Braintree credentials

Once you have received your welcome email from Braintree and have set up your account, entering your Braintree credentials into the Ticket Evolution Settings App is simple!

  1. Log into the Ticket Evolution Settings App and browse to Checkout -> Payment Gateway
  2. Select "Braintree" from the drop down menu and log into your Braintree account and click on Account -> My User 23_PM.png
  3. Click on "API Keys",  copy your "Merchant ID" and paste it into the Ticket Evolution Settings App.

  4. Click "View" under Private Key so you can copy and paste in both the and "Public" and "Private" keys into the Ticket Evolution Settings App and click "Update Merchant Info".
  5. Next Click "Add New Merchant Account" under "Current Accounts" and enter in a label for this merchant account (ie Chase Paymentech) and paste in the "Merchant Account ID" you received from Ticket Evolution into the "Token" field and click "Add Token".
  6. Finally, make sure you have selected your token for your office(s) and click "Update Assignments".51_PM.png

Thats it! Enjoy the most powerful Payment Gateway available with a beautifully simple portal for all of your credit cards needs and reports!

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