How do I edit Ticket Prices for my Inventory?

You can edit Ticket Prices in the system in 3 different ways.  You can edit individual ticket prices by editing a ticket group on an event.  You can also edit prices for multiple ticket groups using the Event Edit Price View and the Mass Edit View.

1st Option - Edit Individual Ticket Price

Step 1)  Find the Ticket Group that you would like to edit the price for and Click on the Action Button (+) and select Edit.

Step 2)  Enter in new Prices for both Wholesale and Retail Prices as necessary then hit Save.

2nd Option - Event Edit Price View

Step 1)  View the Event that you would like to update Prices for your Tickets and Click on the Edit Price Icon. (Located next to the Seating Chart Icon)

Step 2a)  Use the Quick Mass Edit section to update all Event's Ticket Prices by either setting them to a specific value or marking them up or down by a flat or percentage value.

Step 2b)  Enter in new Price values directly into the Wholesale and Retail input fields.  In order to save these new prices, simply enter the value in and tab through to the next field.  The Ticket Group row should highlight yellow quickly and then green indicating that the Price update has been saved.

3rd Option - Mass Edit View

Step 1)  Click on Mass Edit in the Menu under the Inventory Section.  Apply the specific Filters to return back your Available Inventory Ticket Groups displayed by Event.

Step 2)  Use the Mass Edit table to update the Wholesale and Retail Ticket Prices by setting them to a specific value or marking them up or down by a flat or percentage value.

Step 3)  When you have the details set that you would like to update, you need to select which Ticket Groups you would like the Mass Edit to update.  You can either check off individual Ticket Groups one by one via their own checkboxes, or you can select the checkbox in the top row of the table, which will select all Ticket Groups visible.

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