How do I create an Order?

If I have Tickets that have been Purchased by either a Client or Broker, I can create an Invoice for those specific tickets by going through the Sell Process.

Step 1) View the Event Details and Click the Action Button (+) for the Ticket Group you need to Sell Tickets for and select Sell.

Step 2) Select the Buyer for the Order from the Auto-Complete and confirm the Quantity, Price Per Ticket, and High/Low Seat Numbers.

Step 3) Select the Payment Type for the Order and indicate whether the payment has been completed or is still pending (outstanding).


Step 4) Select the Delivery Type for the Order and adjust the Shipping Cost for the Delivery if necessary.  Make sure that all fields that are required for that Delivery Type are filled in.

Step 5) Enter any Notes or additional Totals you would like to on the Order.

Step 6) Hit Complete and you can view the Invoice Details.

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