Where do I View my API Credentials?

In order to set up a Website using the Ticket Evolution API or use many different types of 3rd Party Services, it is required to access the Ticket Evolution API using an API Credential.  You can view your API Credentials through the Settings Application.

Step 1)  Click on the API Keys tab under the Brokerages Menu Category.



Step 2)  With an existing API Credential, the 3 items that you will need are the Office ID, API Token, and API Secret.  The API Secret will not be displayed until you click the "Secret" link to populate this string.


Additional Information)  You have the ability to Edit the label of an existing API Credential, which would make it easier to identify what Website or 3rd Party Service is using that specific Credential.  You also have the ability to Delete an API Credential if it is no longer being used.


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