How do I sign up for Ticket Evolution's Discount Shipping Program?

Ticket Evolution has a Discount Shipping Program set up directly with FedEx that allows users to create and manage FedEx deliveries at a discounted price from the normal rate prices.  To activate and utilize the Discount Shipping Program, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1)  Request a copy of the Ticket Evolution Discount Shipping Program Agreement.  Once you have a copy of the Agreement, you can complete for form and submit that back to Ticket Evolution.

Step 2)  Provide your Ticket Evolution Representative with your existing FedEx account number.  If you don't currently have a FedEx account number, you can easily go to and create a free account, which will provide you with an account number.

Step 3)  Await confirmation that your Company has been activated under the Discount Shipping Program.  Make sure that the Credit Card on record for your Company is the correct one you would like to be charged for your FedEx usage, and if it needs to be updated you do so (How to Update Company Credit Card).

Step 4)  Now you can add the respective rate options you would like to make available based on your API Credential (Website) or Office (How to Manage your Shipping Options).

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