New CORE (Point of Sale) user Checklist

There are several things that are required to have in place or are just important to take into consideration when making the transition over to the Point of Sale (CORE).

Sign the Ticket Evolution Software Agreement - Active Account

You will need to sign a copy of the Ticket Evolution Software Agreement and have an account created with Ticket Evolution.  If you're already uploading your inventory to Ticket Evolution, this step is already complete.

Will I need to use Credit Cards in the Point of Sale - Braintree Payment Gateway

In order to be able to use credit cards in the Point of Sale, you will need to have an existing Merchant Account (Credit Card Processing).  Ticket Evolution is integrated with Braintree Payments to provide a solution for a payment gateway provider, which is required to securely use credit cards through both the Point of Sale and API for Website Order Transactions.  Instructions for setting up a payment gateway account with Braintree are as follows:

Set up your Braintree Payment Gateway

Will I need to use Ticket Evolution's Discount Shipping Program

Ticket Evolution has a Discount Shipping Program set up directly with FedEx, which allows you to create and manage deliveries directly in the Point of Sale.  Instructions for signing up for Ticket Evolution's Discount Shipping Program are as follows:

Sign up for the Ticket Evolution Discount Shipping Program

Will I need to use EvoPay in the Point of Sale

In order to use EvoPay as a payment option, you will need to fill out the Ticket Evolution EvoPay ACH Authorization Form, which can be requested at the following link:

EvoPay ACH Authorization Form

Will I want to Import my Inventory when initially transitioning to the Point of Sale

When transitioning to the Point of Sale, you have the option to import your inventory instead of manually entering in your Purchase Orders and building your inventory accurately with all details including cost and seller.  If you choose to use this inventory file import, you will not be able to store cost on your tickets, which will make reporting back on your existing inventory inaccurate.  You can import a file by providing Ticket Evolution with a copy of that file so it can be imported when activating your Point of Sale access, but we recommend taking the time to enter in your Purchase Orders to ensure data accuracy.

Will I want to convert my Customers and Orders from my old Point of Sale

Ticket Evolution has the ability to convert your historical customers and order from your old Point of Sale, which can be done upon request.  This can be done either at the time you start using the Point of Sale or at any time you choose to convert the data there after.

 Will I want to use Ticket Evolution's Quickbooks Importer for the Point of Sale

Ticket Evolution has a Quickbooks Importer that works in direct integration with the Point of Sale, which can be installed on your computer to work with any desktop version of Quickbooks.

Ticket Evolution - Settings Application

  • Enter in Credit Card for Billing Purposes
  • Submit Company Logo
  • Manage your Company's Shipping Options
  • Configure Exchanges you would like your inventory to be uploaded to
  • Set Specific Exchange Upload Mark Up Rules
  • Confirm Office Information
  • Set Default Retail Mark Up
  • Create Rounding Rule for Retail Prices
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