How do I Create and Manage the Shipping Options on my Website/CORE?

You have the ability to set the exact Shipping Options you would like to make available by API Credential (Website) and Office.  You can not only specify what Shipping Options you would like to make available, but you can also specify what price each type of shipping option will cost.

Step 1)  Click the Shipping tab under the Checkout Menu Category.

Step 2)  Select which API Credential (Website) or Office you would like to adjust.

Step 3a)  Select Shipping Options from the drop down that you would like to make available.  Click Add, and that Shipping Option will now appear as available.

Step 3b)  Update the price of an existing Shipping Option by entering in the new Price and either hitting Tab or Enter on your Keyboard.  You'll see the Shipping Option you're updating Highlighted in Green to indicate the change was made.

 Step 3c)  Remove Shipping Options by Clicking Delete.

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