How do I create a Carbon Store?

You will need to create a Carbon Account in order to create your Store.

Step 1)  Go to URL for Carbon (Must request access from TE).

Step 2)  Click ADD NEW to create your first Carbon Store.


Step 3)  Basic Setup

  • Create Carbon Subdomain (Won't be used if you have Custom Domain)
  • Enter API Token, API Secret, Office ID (Where to find your API Credentials)
  • Enter your Google Analytics Key (not necessary)
  • Enter Customer Validation Key (If you would like to limit who can create accounts on your store, if open to the general public leave blank)

Step 4)  Advanced Options

  • This section is if you plan on using a custom domain. If you don't have a custom domain and plan on using the carbon created domain you can skip this section
  • If you have a custom domain, you can enter is here. (Do not include http://www. when entering domain)
  • DNS Settings are used when linking store to your domain provider


Step 5) Branding

  • Enter Store Name (needs to be filled in, but will disappear when logo image is uploaded
  • Load logo image
  • Load hero image
  • Input hero text (not necessary, but will display above search bar in the middle of your hero image)
  • Load background image (not necessary)

Step 6)  Peripheral Pages

  • Enter safe HTML for Terms and Conditions, Contact, and Sign In/Sign Up pages.

Step 6)  Click Save



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