How do I Configure an Exchange to Receive my Inventory?

You can configure specific Exchanges to receive your inventory file either via the Auto-Uploader or CORE.

Step 1)  Click the Configure Exchanges tab under the Auto-Uploads Menu Category.

Step 2)  Select which Office you would like to adjust.

Step 3)  Click Add Exchange Credentials to create a new Configuration.

Step 4)  Select which Exchange you would like to create a new Upload Credential for and enter in your Upload Credentials (Either Username/Password or API Token).  Select whether you would like to send the selected Exchange a CSV or Text File (Some Exchanges Require Certain Types of Files).  Select whether you would like to Include your Spec Tickets (For CORE users only).  Select Enabled to activate the Credential.  Click Save.

Step 5)  View your Configured Exchanges and make any updates necessary.

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