How do I create a Buy/Sell Order?

If I need to sell Tickets that are owned by another Broker, I create a Buy/Sell Order.  This would allow you to create both the Customer's Order and the Purchase Order for the Broker all in the same process.

Broker <-- Buy From <-- ME --> Sell To --> Customer

Step 1 - Select Tickets) View the Event Details and Click the Action Button (+) for the Ticket Group you need to Buy from the Broker in order to Sell to your Customer.

Step 2 - Confirm PO DetailsSelect the Quantity you are going to be purchasing from the Broker and adjust the seat numbers and notes for the ticket group.  You also need to select the Payment Type for the Purchase Order that's being created to buy the tickets from the Broker.

Cost (Not Adjustable) = Price per ticket you're buying the Tickets at from the Broker

Retail Price (Adjustable) = Price per ticket you're selling the Tickets to your Customer

Step 3 - Order PaymentSelect the Payment Type for the Order and indicate whether the payment has been completed or is still pending (outstanding).  This is the Order (Invoice) being created to sell the tickets to the Customer.


Step 4 - Order DeliverySelect the Delivery Type for the Order and adjust the Shipping Cost for the Delivery if necessary.  Make sure that all fields that are required for that Delivery Type are filled in.

Important Buy/Sell Delivery Information

(Delivering via FedEx)

If you create a FedEx Delivery for the Order, the Broker will be able to generate and use the Airbill on the Purchase Order you have with them.  There is no additional action required to provide the Broker with the Airbill to fulfill the Customer's Order.

(Delivering via E-Tickets)

If the Broker initially listed E-Tickets or can fulfill the Order with E-Tickets, you should use the E-Ticket Delivery Type as this allows the broker to upload E-Tickets directly through the Ticket Evolution System, which will trigger an Email to be sent to your Customer for their Order providing them a link to download their E-Tickets.

Step 5 - Order Notes & Totals) Enter any Notes or additional Totals you would like to on the Order.


Step 6 - Complete Buy/SellHit Complete to create the Order and Purchase Order.  You're then taken to the Customer's Order where you can Accept the Order or leave it Pending until the Broker has Accepted their Purchase Order.

Step 7 - Send Broker's Purchase Order) The Purchase Order by default is left Open for you to first confirm the Customer's Order then commit to purchasing the tickets from the Broker.  To commit to using the Purchase Order initially created with the Broker, click on the "View By Brokers" tab and confirm the details for Seat Numbers and Cost.  Add any additional notes while also selecting "No Payment" since you initially indicated the payment on the Purchase Order when creating the Buy/Sell Order.  Click the "Pend to Seller" button.  This will send the Purchase Order to the Broker in the Ticket Evolution System and allow them to either Accept or Reject their Order.


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