How can I re-send E-Tickets to a Customer/Broker for an Order?

If I have an Order where the Customer/Broker needs the E-Tickets to be re-sent to them or sent to another individual, you can manually send E-Tickets on an Order.

Step 1 - View Order & E-Ticket Panel View the Order in CORE and on the Tickets section of the Order, you will see the "View E-Tickets" button.  Click that and you will be able to see the PDF's that were previously uploaded for that Order.

Step 2 - Manually Send Notification Once you're viewing the E-Tickets, you will see an input field to enter in Email Addresses that you would like the E-Tickets to be sent to.  Enter in the Email Addresses you would like the E-Tickets to be sent to and click the "Email Ticket PDF's to Buyer" button.

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