Options for Completing an Order

When creating Orders in the system, you have the ability complete them in different ways that will affect the State that they are created.  This refers to not only creating Orders by selling your own tickets, but also creating Orders by performing a Buy/Sell, which allows you to buy tickets from another broker and sell them to your customer.

Hold for Fraud Review

The Hold for Fraud Review box affects the Order (Invoice) to your Customer.  Whether it's you selling your own inventory to your customer, or it's the Order (Sell) aspect of a Buy/Sell Order.

Hold for Fraud Review (Checked) - This will create the Order but leave it in a Pending State that will still require you to manually review and Accept.  This allows you as a user to potentially review the Fraud Response, confirm Credit Card Authorization Details, or perform any other important Order review procedures your Company may have.

Hold for Fraud Review (Not Checked) - This will create the Order and automatically Accept the Order so there is no further action required from you as a user.

Buy/Sell Order (Purchase Order Options)

When creating a Buy/Sell Order, there are 2 different ways that you can complete the Order that will affect whether the Purchase Order to the Broker is sent immediately to them or you need to manually Pend it to them in the system after your initial Order creation.

Complete - This will complete the Buy/Sell Order, but it will leave the Purchase Order with the Broker still in the Open State so they will not automatically get the Order Notification.  This will still require you as a user to perform the action of Pending it to the Seller (Broker), which is performed when viewing your customer's Order.

Complete & Send PO - This will complete the Buy/Sell Order, and it will automatically send the Purchase Order to the Broker who's tickets are being purchased to fulfill your customer's Order.

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