Order Notifications - Buy/Sell Order

Below are explanations of what Order Notifications are sent to what Brokers and Customers involved with a Buy/Sell Order:

Broker <-- Buy From <-- My Company --> I Sell To --> Customer 

Order Notifications: Initial Buy/Sell Order Completion:

Customer Receives Order Notification

Broker Receives Hold Notification (If set to via the Settings Application)


Order Notifications: Accept Customer's Order:

Customer Receives Order Confirmation


Order Notifications: Pend to Seller performed for Broker's PO:

Broker Receives Order Notification

-Broker can Accept or Reject directly through Ticket Evolution System

-Broker can Generate Airbill and Use if Order is to be delivered via FedEx

-Broker can Upload E-Tickets if Order is to be delivered via E-Tickets

**If Broker Uploads E-Tickets, your Customer will get an automatic Email providing them a link to download their available E-Tickets (This can be disabled via the Settings Application)

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