How can I get E-Tickets to the Customer/Broker who Ordered Tickets from me?

If I have an Order that was either created by my company in CORE or by another channel (My Website, Ticket Evolution Partner, Broker-to-Broker, etc.), I can upload my E-Tickets directly onto the Order.  This will send an automatic Email Notification to the person who bought the tickets from me with a link to download their available E-Tickets.

Step 1 - View Order & E-Ticket Panel) View the Order in CORE and on the Tickets section of the Order, you will see the "Upload E-Tickets" button.  Click that and you will be able to either choose a file from your computer or drag a file into CORE.

Step 2 - Confirm PDF's) Once you have selected the file to use, you need to confirm which PDF pages should be included for the Order.  Select the correct PDF pages and click the "Commit selected Pages as Tickets" button to confirm what PDF's should be committed to the Order.

Step 3 - Delivery Update) You can now click the "View E-Tickets" button if you would like see what E-Tickets were uploaded for the Order or replace them.  When the E-Tickets were uploaded, the E-Ticket Delivery on the Order automatically updated to "Delivered" because you no longer need to do anything for this Order's fulfillment.  As a result, the Order is marked as "Completed" indicating that the delivery has taken place.

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