Order Status Indicators

You can quickly review where all aspects of an Order current stand by utilizing the Order's Status Indicators. These Indicators allow you to know exactly where each aspect of an Order is and what actions you still need to take. The goal as a user is to see a Green Indicator for each aspect of the Order, which would indicate that you have Completed all items for that Order.

Payment Indicator

Red (In Progress) - There is an outstanding Balance on this Order, and the form of payment hasn‘t been determined.


Yellow (In Progress) - There are Pending Payments on this Order that when Completed would bring the Balance to $0.

Green (Completed) - There is no remaining Balance on this Order.

Tickets Indicator

Red (In Progress) - There are Tickets on this Order that require you to secure Subs.  This could either occur if you have an Order that was for Spec Tickets that your Company owned, or if you had an Order where the original tickets purchased were owned by another Broker and they rejected your Purchase Order or you Canceled the fulfillment Order and will be pursuing Subs.

Yellow (In Progress) - There is an unconfirmed Purchase Order with another Broker that is being used to fill this Order.


Green (Completed) - The Tickets for this Order have been secured.

Deliveries Indicator

Red (In Progress) - The Delivery Method for this Order has not yet been determined.

Yellow (In Progress) - There are still Pending Deliveries on this Order that need to be Delivered.

Green (Completed) - All Deliveries on this Order are Delivered.

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