Create an EvoQuote

Core allows you to select or "quote" different ticket options for a specified event. This allows you to send an email to your customer identifying ticket options for them to a specific event.

Hold your cursor over the tab labeled Inventory  

From the drop down menu select All Tickets

Select the event you would like to quote from the "My Events" pre-populated list or search through "All Events" and search by a specific Performer, Venue or Date to find the event.

Once you select an event, click on All Ticket Groups to view all inventory for the selected event, and you can now browse for tickets you'd like to add to your EvoQuote. To add a ticket to your Quote click on the "+" button for that ticket and select Add To Quote.

Once you've added all necessary tickets to your EvoQuote, click on the EvoQuote Icon in the header of CORE.

Once on the EvoQuote Page, you can edit the price being quoted, quantity, and even add a custom ticket group.

To select the customer you would like to email your EvoQuote to, type the customer's name in the Name field, and select from your existing customers to also populate their saved Email Address. If you are sending the EvoQuote to a new customer, click the person icon to add a new customer, and once completed and brought back to the page select them from the auto-complete.

Once you have selected the person you're sending your EvoQuote to, click the Send Quote button at the bottom right of the page.

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