Looking Up An Order

There are several easy ways to look up an Order in CORE.

Hold your cursor over the tab labeled Orders 

From the drop down menu select Orders (those from Ticket Evolution) 


Purchase Orders (Anything purchased from another broker)


Please note that these pages will load blank by default. ("No Orders Found")

You may enter your filter options first before pressing Apply Filter


 press Apply Filter  alone to see ALL orders populate.

To clear any filters or to start a new search, press the Reset Filters button.

The most efficient method is to search by the order number.

Ticket Evolution Orders have 2 sets of numbers.

The first set of numbers is the Group ID and the second is the Order ID.

*Example: For Order #138222-230443, you could enter 138222 in the Group ID field OR 230443 in the Order ID field. Both can be seen in their respective fields below. 

DO NOT attempt to search with both order numbers simultaneously, this will cause the search to fail.


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