Inconsistent TicketGroup sandbox data?

I can pull a list of TicketGroups for a particular event, but when I try to show one it fails.  If I keep going through the list trying different ticket_group ids, I find some of them work and some don't.  Any idea why certain ticket_groups returned in a list would be unshowable?


event = tevo.events.show(134489)  # Canadians at Leafs

tg = tevo.ticket_groups.list(:event_id => event.id).first  # returns ticket group w/ id = 6320815

tevo.ticket_groups.show(tg.id)  # 404 error

Most of the ticket_groups in the list that I've tried are 404s, but some work like 9354504.

Furthermore, are there any logs available to gain more insight on what's going on?  I also can't create orders but I suspect it might be related to these faulty ticket_group ids.

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