Optimizing ticket_group listing

I cache Events locally so the lookups are fast but not TicketGroups, because I don't know if this is possible or if it is, the API docs are unclear on how this process would work.  So currently, when a visitor lists tickets for an event all of the ticket data is pulled from TE and then sorted first by featured and then price before being displayed.  This can take waaaaay too long depending on the event.

How can this be optimized?  

I imagine it would be much faster if I could store TicketGroup data locally, poll TE for changed data at time of the request, parse these local changes (remove sold tickets, etc.) and then display back to user.

The EndPoint documentation http://developer.ticketevolution.com/endpoints/ticket-groups#list has attributes that hint this is possible but they are not documented.  For instance, if I pass in a datetime to updated_at _do I get records that have been updated since the specified time or updated exactly at that particular time?  And what are _ticket_states (and its nested available field)?   



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