General question about placing an order with TE through the API

Originally from ticket #3556.

I am new to TE and I have a few questions about the process of placing an order through the api...

  1. When an order is placed does the broker holding the tickets ship them directly to the customer or would they come to Just Great Tickets? is there a way to choose shipping options for the tickets? If the broker is sending tickets directly to the customer can the customer choose how they want them shipped?

I see that there is a place to pass along the shipping amount but I do not understand how this works in with the rest of the system. Is that the amount for the holding broker to ship to the customer?

  1. In addition to how the shipping works I'm a little unclear with the general setup of TE. Before this I was working with Ticket Network so some of it is familiar but a lot of it is not. Is there some documentation that gives a general overview of the TE environment and how the normal flow of orders works?


Hi Mike,

This should help


Thanks for your response, I read that post before asking my question and it was not very helpful.

I understand the concept of creating a client, their addresses, phone numbers, and cc's through the TE API. Here are the points where I am confused.

  1. There is a field for creating a new order for shipping. Is this the amount the customer is paying to me for shipping, or is this the amount the holding broker charges? Where does this value come from? What are the options available to the customer for shipping (overnight, next day air, etc.) and how would I calculate the cost? Do all brokers offer the same shipping options for the same cost?

  2. In the create order there are two fields service_fee and additional_expense I understand what service_fee is but in what case would I use additional_expense? Can you give me a scenario for when that would be used?

  3. In the create order with the po_number and invoice_number, Are these numbers generated by me? These two fields seem like they basically represent the same thing, how are other brokers using them?

  4. In the post you referred me to there is this line

"As of now you are responsible for handling the payment on your end, but soon the API will add a feature allowing you to charge the card through a gateway".

My understanding was that when an order is placed through the api the holding broker would charge the customer and pay the fee for the order back to us.

What payment is he referring to? The way that line reads it sounds like I will need to charge the customer's card. If that is the case what amount am i charging? The server fee, additional fee, and the shipping amount?

thanks for your help.

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