Problem creating an address for an existing client

Originally from ticket #3655.

I'm having trouble creating an address for an existing client. the server response is "(400) Bad Request". The url I am requesting is "api.ticketevolution.com/clients/1868/addresses" where 1868 is the id an an existing client. I have verified that the client exists.

I used the sample data some the api documentation as the post data ('{"addresses":[{"postal_code":"68577","locality":"West Lambertfort","street_address":"035 McCullough Manor","region":"MN","country_code":"AI"}]}')

I've tried a number of variations but I can get this to work. Do you have any ideas as to what I am missing?


Please try again but add a 'label'. I believe that label is required.


Ticket Evolution API Evangelist

Co-Author of the PHP Library



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